Monday, August 14, 2017

Riots & False Flags; Mass Migration


Funding Chaos

Well, it may be the oldest power ploy on earth.

Those fearing loss of power due to economic downturn, crop failures.... or wait for it... exposure of malfeasance, shift into high gear: 

Create an enemy, that's the ticket! 

Historical examples:

Yellow Peril
Viet Cong
Osama bin Laden, aka Tim Osman, CIA-asset 
(Thanks to a reader for catching the aka.)
Saddam Hussein & WMD's
Current POTUS, and those who voted for him

The Deep State/deep pockets "intelligence agencies" provide funding: for Manchurian candidates, for assassinations--Rest in Peace JFK, RFK, MLK--for riots, and mass shootings. 

Regime change, or calls for gun control/knife control soon follow. End the US Second Amendment now!

Speaking of not distant power-grab history, I once read a riveting account by an elderly Austrian lady. She was alive in the 1930's global Depression and Nazi era. The Austrian economy was terribly hard hit with unemployment, inadequate food, despair.

Enter... Adolf Hitler and the Anschluss! He promised safety and full employment. Many Austrians, but not all, welcomed the economic saviour and promised relief.

Hitler's triumphal entry into Vienna:

 Thanks to for the archival pic

 He did employ Austrians, and soon slave labor, for his war machine.

Small print not realized by Austrians--a mountainous land where people hunt to feed their families, and heads of family had known the violence, rapine and plunder of centuries of war:

Hitler promptly confiscated all Austrian rifles and guns, ensuring there would be no internal insurrection against Nazi barbarism and tyranny...

Power-mongers feed off chaos, the energetic thrill of it, and the save-me-oh-save-me opportunity to offer draconian solutions, and to impose martial law.

The US and allies have created the EU/UK refugee crisis: bombing, bombing--allegedly for regime change--in oil, opium and mineral-rich regions.

Globalist interests are funding the mass migration of 18-25 year old young men, marketed as refugee families. The PR worked, the "families" were welcomed with banners, balloons and teddy bears.

Dense migrant populations in the EU have imposed Shariah Law, and entitlement violence against women and non-believers. 

Areas are being designated as "no-go zones"... by the police.

Stockholm is now known as the "rape capitol of Europe."

Government and gov-controlled media, the apparently suicidal politically-correct, permit no mention of perp-ethnicity.

A particularly brazen imposition of chaos has intruded on the already troubled USofA, to wit, soros-funded business opportunities for the unemployed in a down economy:


Are you looking to create a buzz anywhere in the United States? At Crowds on Demand, we provide our clients with protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts. These services are available across the country in every major U.S city, every major U.S metro area and even most smaller cities as well. We provide everything including the people, the materials and even the ideas. You can come to us with a specific plan of action and we can make it happen. OR, you can approach us with a general idea and we can help you plan the strategy then execute it.

We’ve made campaigns involving hundreds of people come to action in just days. We have a proven record of delivering major wins on even the toughest campaigns and delivering phenomenal experiences with even the most logistically challenging events.

Our services are now available throughout the United States, so whether you’re looking at doing a single event or a multi-city campaign, we have the resources available to achieve your goals.

Sound interesting?

Reach out to us by filling out the form below with as much detail as possible. From there, we’ll get back to you quickly with some ideas and pricing. Thanks again! We look forward to working with you.




How can we help you? (please include as much detail as possible). Details might include some of the following: Why you're reaching out to us, What services you're interested in, Your objectives, The date(s) and Time(s) of the event or campaign, Location(s) for the event or campaign, Your approximate budget, etc. If you aren't comfortable including every detail, please at minimum let us know what type of services you're interested in (Protests, Rallies, Corporate PR Stunts, Celebrity Events, etc).(required)

From Craigslist:

Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte hide this posting
compensation: $25+/hour
Crowds on Demand, a Los Angeles-based Public Relations firm specializing in innovative events, is looking for enthusiastic actors and photographers in the Charlotte, NC area to participate in our events. Our events include everything from rallies to protests to corporate PR stunts to celebrity scenes. The biggest qualification is enthusiasm, a "can-do" spirit. Pay will vary by event but typically is $25+ per hour plus reimbursements for gas/parking/Uber/public transit.

For more information about us, please visit

If you're interested in working with us, please reply to this posting with the following info:

-Full Name
-Prior relevant experience (as an actor/performer, photographer, brand ambassador, political activist, etc)
-When are you usually available for work? 

Reporting and writing from the Rocky Mts.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gluten-Intolerance; Can It Be Healed?

Pain in the Body
In the Mind

Penny Crowther image

Had a very curious interaction, a déjà vu of long journey ago. 

...Seven years, I left the valley.
Now I'm going back... to see... 
Oh Shenandoah, a folk tune

In the first Wayfaring Traveler book, Whale Rider of the Tide, I had found myself suddenly homeless, on an unexpected "road trip", tenting, and listening to strangers and their astonishing stories.

The Maine island which had been my sea-girt home, grew mythic and far way. I had reached the American Southwest and the Rockies. 

Among the true anecdotes in that book, I wrote about an impoverished and emaciated old woman, and my personal embarrassment at avoiding her desperate person in the campground. 

She lived, and still lives, year-round in her ancient decrepit Volkswagen Bug, on a meager social security check and at the time, mostly canned beans and wheat chapatti. 

Note the wheat; there's more.

I was appalled that an elder should be so lost; it tore at my heart. I at least was making camping kombucha and managed one decent meal a day.

All too observant of the manner in which she devoured people out of loneliness, frantic energy and despair, I was ashamed of myself as I side-stepped interaction. Nearly everyone avoided her.

Yesterday, I saw her at the big health food store, having already spotted the wretched VW Bug as I came in. Imagine: duct tape and bailing twine, putty in dents and cracks.
She used to startle and scream if approached from her blind side. So I came gently and spoke her name. She turned... and beamed at me. Though still frail, she stood there grinning, bright-eyed and grounded. She actually glowed.

She announced, "Oh it's YOU!" I nodded. "After you advised me that my anxiety and tummy pain were likely from gluten intolerance, I went gluten-free!"

I stood there gobsmacked for a minute, said WOWZA, and explained that now GMO's are causing even more gluten-intolerance, plus an obesity and auto-immune epidemic. Besides, uh, tumors.

Hard of hearing, she pushed back her head scarf. "What? Would you say that again?" 

So I spoke next to her ear and the proximity did not cause her to cringe back, as it would have done those years ago.

"Listen to this," she said "I talk to people in the campgrounds now who describe how discouraged and rotten they feel. 

"I tell them: Seven years ago, camping in a wild place by a river, a nutritionist was my tenting neighbor. She explained about gluten-intolerance, that it's wide-spread, almost never diagnosed, and the lab tests, if you can afford them, may not be reliable.

"Here's the deal: If you stop eating gluten, there's a change; if you eat it again, the old stuff comes back. I tell everyone who will listen!"

Her cart was full of interesting high-nutrient food, including gluten-free bread, aha, and blue corn tortillas. She was camping rent-free on private land off in the high country, and was, thus, richer, not having to pay campground fees. 

She saw me admiring her wonderful shopping cart and enthused: "I buy only organic and non-GMO and eat no sugar! Will I get over the leaky gut?"

"Yes, you will. Candida lives as a macabre partner in a gut chewed up by gluten grains and antibiotics. Carry on. It just takes longer after many decades, a lifetime of not knowing what to do. I so wish you good journey, dear heart. You've given me such a gift today."

Hard to know when a smile or a kind word does any good at all.

Blind Milton, dictating Paradise Lost to his daughter, offered this: "They also serve, who only stand and wait."


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Melanoma Sunrays & Deep State Skies + 4th of July Coda

Taos Tipis Sunset New Mexico
Geraint Smith, iconic Taos photographer

Blinding Sun

What's going on? A white-hot sun is causing rapid sunburns in travelers, who arrive here at high elevation in shorts and halter tops, baseball caps, or no hat at all.

Darwin Award candidates? Maybe, but the facts on the ground are these: We don't get it. Not just yet.

Skins are burning, eyes squint, and flower colors fade out from dawn to dusk.

We've entered new territory and have been told repeatedly that any problems are human-induced, fixable with carbon credits and global governance.

Politicos and compromised scientists have stepped out of the flow of historical cycles, and of ancestral memory. 

Cycles spanning generations and centuries, and which obtrude regardless of eco-flicks, profiteering or hand-wringing.

We're entering Solar Grand Minimum with zilch to very few sunspots. Historically that's meant colder winters and crop failures. Also geomagnetic storms, increase in volcanism and seismicity.

All aboard the Transformation-Express, chuga-chuga-chuga-chuga... ooo-woo-ooo... that long, lonesome sound in the night, when events go bump.

Can't help myself, I garden. At one point in grad school a friend with a clunker truck said, "You betcha; let's go get a load of manure!" (for the ground-breaking of caliche which I'd done with a spading fork.)

We pulled up at the Big Top, at the traveling circus! 

I sat quiet for a bit, cut my eyes his way, then joined him in shoveling elephant poop. Wise old pachyderm eyes looked on. Wrinkled gray trunks swayed and sniffed the air trying to suss the bizarro visitors. 

So, gardening, I get up early to work in the cool of the morning. Some of it's a pattern from waking up to animal cacophony on the farm. 

Rise and shine; shake a leg. We'll cackle, moo, goat-shriek and lamb-baah until you do.

But even further back, when I was little, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, my granddaddy and I slipped out to his garden while the house still slept. 

To a pre-dawn world of wonder. That numinous world still rolls me out of bed.

This morning, I peeked out at first light: Temp 35 degrees F. What?

Come on; it's nearly the end of June in the Northern Hemisphere.

By 9:30 AM, it had reached 100 degrees with a humidity drop, from promising rain, to zero!

Do I imagine this as normal? Not exactly.

Been watching a dismaying mil-indus modus operandi for a couple decades, from the don't-mess-with-us group which carries on unruffled, massively funded and unregulated.

Here's how it seems to go.

A storm front is expected. Planes off any sane flight path start stripe-ing and tic-tac-toe-ing the sky with spew which spreads to haze...

Link above mentions a vid of a 787 over Russia, which vid alas has been rendered unavailable. You'll find more strange-plane rumination at:

In heavily watered regions, cyclonic storms, micro-burst rains, hail and floods may make the news.

In drought-prone areas, the "national security" (ask no questions) exercise seems to be aerial application of desiccants, hence the redundant drop of humidity to a big fat zero.

We're (fill in the blank)
1) Being protected from too intense sunlight.
2) "Owning the weather" with floods and drought at whim. 
3) Spraying civilians, watersheds, farms & forests with toxic metals, esp. aluminum. For an increase in wildfires & perhaps dementia. 
4) Blocking sight of incoming woo-woo visitors or planetoids. 

An interesting-times palette.

Who knows... The Shadow knows. 

P.S. With a nod to Deep State activities, and in anticipation of the US Fourth of July celebration, let's revisit what it meant, long time ago--the courage of podunk colonies to face down tyrannical overreach, of England's monarch and arrogant Red Coats. 

Thomas Jefferson was clear on tyranny resurfacing.

 Have we experienced recent world-mayhem example?

The following non-hysterical timeline includes Dr. Judy Wood's hypothesis and especially, cui bono?, savvy pilot scrutiny and darthvader at the helm: Yes, Virginia, there really were hijackers on the 9/11 planes—but not the ones we were told

Happy Independence Day.